Founded in 1994, Tenenbaum Hazan is a boutique industrial design studio located in Herzliya Pituach, one of Israel’s major centers of innovation and high technology. The studio is owned and managed by Noam Tenenbaum and Izaq Hazan, graduates of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

Our services include research and development of concepts, ergonomic and usability studies, product design, mechanical engineering and prototypes. We work across a broad spectrum of industries including consumer electronics, telecommunications, medical-healthcare and security. Our clients range from global giants to feisty start-ups and include Coca-Cola, ECI Telecom, Card Guard, Risco, Epilady, Procter and Gamble and many more.

Excellence is our highest value. We are committed to a continuing strategic dialogue with our clients, and a relentless search for breakthrough ideas that will meet engineering, production, deadline and budget criteria. We believe that the pursuit of excellence requires far more than inspiration: it demands engagement in every aspect of the design process. It is for this reason that we work on a limited number of projects at any one time.

Our team creates. We are naturally flexible thinkers, open to innovation and with an eye for esthetics. By applying the tools of free-association, abstract thinking and visual imagination we generate original ideas and out-of-the box solutions.

We are professionals, curious, passionate and aware. Perfectionists with a wide-angle view, we strive to achieve design excellence and a memorable user experience.


The realization of every one of our assignments is underscored by a strict development process. Our commitment to this process, derived from our long experience, is the secret that lets us meet quality, budget and time objectives.

Research – Observe, examine, analyze
There’s no point starting out until you know where you want to go. Beyond the client briefing, we employ focus groups, interviews and observations in the field to obtain an approximation of the desired results. We add to this an examination of end-user needs and how the product will be used. Mapping of the competitive marketplace, identification of market potential and even gut feelings contribute further. The results lead to an accurate picture of the client’s requirements and comprise the raw materials on which we base all further development.

Discovery – Observation to insight
A clear understanding of the end-user and his or her values provides a strong foundation on which to define product strategy and develop competitive advantage. We analyze the user experience and the research data to create the baselines for product development. These insights are translated into a “day in the life of the product” that includes a survey of the user/product interface points from varying perspectives.

Design – Insight to idea
This is the stage where the vision is rendered into a tangible product. Brainstorming leads to inspiration and the development of physical designs, aided by back-of-the-envelope sketches, computer-aided rapid prototyping and SolidWorks-based three-dimensional models. Means such as these enable us to examine and improve on our ideas from the perspectives of utility, esthetics and feasibility.

Realization – Ideas come to life
Now our ideas are executed. The virtual models receive a last touch-up by our design and engineering teams. The product is adapted to production technologies, while attention is given to surface finishes, assembly, logistics and packaging. Our total commitment to the project naturally includes reviewing production processes to ensure execution to the highest standard.


People. It is men and women, girls and boys, who encounter the products we design. It is these people, young and old alike, whom we try to reach and excite.

Paradoxically, as technology develops, the ability to utilize it becomes challenging for large segments of society. Thus user-centered design based on a careful analysis of market forces and end-user needs leads to the proper basis for product development. We invest great resources in determining the end-user’s emotional and physical needs, as well as wider aspects of society and culture. Incorporating a strong visual impact with a clear, intuitive user interface leads to a convincing and exciting user experience.

Our philosophy is put to practice through a clear methodology that we developed over time and which we constantly review and renew. Its principles: research, discovery, design and application, all of which have proven their effectiveness over our many assignments, some of which are on view in our gallery.
This guiding spirit enlivens all our creative processes, right until the point they are transformed into the insights and ideas that lead to a tangible creation with a soul – your product.


Industrial Design

Product characterization
Ergonomic design
Product styling
UI/UX design

Product Innovation

Research and strategic analysis
Brainstorming sessions
User observations
Business opportunity concepts

Mechanical Engineering

Detailed design and development
2D/3D CAD files
Plastic mold design
Design to cost

Modeling & 3D Printing

Proof of concept prototype
High finish prototype
Small series production

Production Inspection

Mass production
Small series production
Plastic injection molding
Sheet metal fabrication

Design Management

Design and business synergy
Project management
Systematic creative process

Intellectual Property

Inventions developing
Patent search
Patent application

Start Up Kit

Focused and cost effective process
made for entrepreneurs and inventors

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1999 “Israel Star” for P&G PRINGLES display

2000 “Israel Star” for UNILEVER DOVE display

2002 “Globes Award” for P&G ARIEL canister

2003 “Israel star” for COCA COLA display

2003 “World Star” for COCA COLA display

2004 “Globes Award” for P&G PAMPERS concept store

2010 “The Israel Recycle Corporation contest” for recycling container

2011 “Ot Haitzuv” for recycling container

2014 “CES” for THINIUM  Best of Innovations Design and Engineering Honoree Awards in multiple categories


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