Approaching the design of the Aortic Stapler for ES Vascular required the use of a minimum of components that would give maximum quality in function.

On April 14th 2014 ES Vascular Ltd. announced that it had received a CE Mark approval for its Open Aortic Stapler (OAS) system for mechanical suturing technology of aortic synthetic grafts during open repair of AAA and other aortic reconstructions, enabling commercialization of the device in most European countries. Based on its proprietary stapling technology, the OAS stapler is a unique device that enables one shot stapling of synthetic grafts to aorta in open repair of abdominal and thoracic aneurysmal and occlusive disease, replacing lengthy and cumbersome manual suturing in these major procedures.

The OAS system is comprised of applier and implantable staples and also includes a specially designed clamp. The OAS device consists of two parts: a barrel shaped head and a handle. The head of the OAS device is pre-loaded with 10 stainless steel (316 LVM) staples that can be fired in one shot from the inside of the aorta to the outside through the synthetic graft. The staples form a pseudo-continuous suturing line, firmly attaching the graft to the aorta.

One might be mistaken to believe that such a functional product, like the Aortic Stapler, need not be concerned with matters of aesthetics; but for us aesthetics are merely a means to an end of achieving the highest functional product possible. When ES vascular came to us to design the Aortic Stapler, their prototype worked but was uncomfortable to work with. The device functioned but without full consideration of the doctor handling it.

This is where we came in to the picture- our goal was to create a design that would of course maintain the stapler’s main function (to staple the aorta) while achieving a fully ergonomic device for the doctor using it. The smooth and curved plastic handle is very comfortable to operate and its smooth surfaces allow it to be easily cleaned. Moreover, the new shape together with the slight use of color conveys sophistication and professionalism that were lacking in the prototype.

The ergonomic design enables this device to be used easily by a surgeon without depending on his/her skills. The result showcases how a bare minimum of functional components that are designed with function and operation in first priority create the essence of aesthetics.


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VENUS CONCEPT – Feminine Health

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