The Movement for Israeli Urbanism reached out to us to design the “Hanyofan”- a cool Bicycle “Parking Lot”, designed entirely to draw attention to the environmental contrast between bicycles and cars.

We were extremely excited to take part in the project and its cause. To emphasize the need to move to bicycles instead of cars we decided to design a Parking lot in the shape and size of a car.

The colorful silhouette, placed in an actual parking space in the city center of Tel-Aviv comes to show how ten bicycles can fit in the space of one car.

Placing such an element in the middle of the urban area meant taking under consideration how it would affect the surrounding area as well as how easily it would be perceived. In addition it had to be fun, up to date in its style and eye catching. The use of a graphic icon and color allowed the object to stand out on one hand, while the use of a mere silhouette allowed it to blend in with the surrounding environment on the other hand.


VENUS CONCEPT – Feminine Health

VENUS CONCEPT – Feminine Health

WOOJER – Wearable System With Haptic Feedback

WOOJER – Wearable System With Haptic Feedback

SPYDRO – Smart Fishing Camera

SPYDRO – Smart Fishing Camera

ENDYMED – Contour Aplicator

DIAMANT – Micro cooking

LIVIA – The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain

GUZZINI – Kitchenware & Accessories

ENDYMED – Mini Shaper Aplicator

ENDYMED – Intensif Aplicator

ZEST – Kitchenware Collection For Pasabahce

HANYOFAN – Urban Bicycle Parking

ES VASCULAR – Aortic Stapler

THINIUM – Smartphone Charger

COCA COLA – Glassware

EPILADY – Waterproof Epilator

PARAGON – Colorful Planters

NEO – Electronic Cigarettes

ORCA – Camera Bags

STELLA ARTOIS – Crystal Chalice

NOVEDADES – Dish Drainer

RISCO – Security Solutions

NOVEDADES – Infant Potty

WHEEME- Personal Massagers

PERFACTION – The EnerJet System


MODILIAN – Smart Strap

EPILADY – IPL Hair Remover

ITS TELECOM – Smart Modem

PAMPERS Exhibition

MEDI TOUCH – Hand Tutor

UNITRONICS- Control Units

COCA COLA – Glassware