Spydro is a smart fishing camera that intelligently captures short videos of fish biting your lures and syncs them with your mobile device. Simultaneously, Spydrologs the location and accompanying sensor data with each video it captures. The Spydro app then uses these bite events as waypoints in an automatically created fishing route

Our mission was to create holistic design solution for SPYDRO.
we designed a smart hydrodynamic camera, a mobile app with great UX and a beautiful package


Instantly see the action – Spydro automatically records the action when fish strike. Spydro then syncs these action videos with your mobile device.


Spydro intelligently logs fish activity and accompanying environmental data such as temperature, salinity, turbidity and speed. Know the perfect conditions that makes fish strike


Using Spydro’s motions sensors we can recognize bite and strikes, thus activating recording. Spydro captures the best and filter the rest


Learn about your fishing environment and see approaching and bites. Receive notifications to learn of strikes so to reach your rod before it’s too late

An automatic fishing log contains all your fishing experiences. You can relive your route, learn from the action moments™ and view each corresponding video whether it is a catch, a bite or just a fish passing by. All of the weather and corresponding environmental data are cataloged for review. This is truly a smart archive and storage of fishing data and statistics for you to learn from your experiences and hone your fishing skills.

No need to open caps, no need to plug in cables, no need to free up memory, no need hit record, there’s even no need to turn it on. That’s how simple Spydro is. It automatically turns on in the water, automatically records when fish bite and automatically syncs your catch videos as soon as it resurfaces. All you have to do is sit back, relax, enjoy your fishing and watch your catch videos once in a while


ESSENCE – Emergency Pendant

ESSENCE – Emergency Pendant

Holywood Smoother

Holywood Smoother

VENUS CONCEPT – Feminine Health

VENUS CONCEPT – Feminine Health

WOOJER – Wearable System With Haptic Feedback

WOOJER – Wearable System With Haptic Feedback

SPYDRO – Smart Fishing Camera

SPYDRO – Smart Fishing Camera

ENDYMED – Contour Aplicator

DIAMANT – Micro cooking

LIVIA – The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain

GUZZINI – Kitchenware & Accessories

ENDYMED – Mini Shaper Aplicator

ENDYMED – Intensif Aplicator

ZEST – Kitchenware Collection For Pasabahce

HANYOFAN – Urban Bicycle Parking

ES VASCULAR – Aortic Stapler

THINIUM – Smartphone Charger

COCA COLA – Glassware

EPILADY – Waterproof Epilator

PARAGON – Colorful Planters

NEO – Electronic Cigarettes

ORCA – Camera Bags

STELLA ARTOIS – Crystal Chalice

NOVEDADES – Dish Drainer

RISCO – Security Solutions

NOVEDADES – Infant Potty

WHEEME- Personal Massagers

PERFACTION – The EnerJet System


MODILIAN – Smart Strap

EPILADY – IPL Hair Remover

ITS TELECOM – Smart Modem

PAMPERS Exhibition

MEDI TOUCH – Hand Tutor

UNITRONICS- Control Units

COCA COLA – Glassware